Jun 18, 2021  
School of Arts & Sciences Handbook 2018-2019 
School of Arts & Sciences Handbook 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Contact Information

E-mail Correspondence

The standard format for students who receive e-mail is as follows: full last name, first initial of first name, first initial of middle name, and the last two numbers of the first year of attendance at Crown College @students.crown.edu. For example, John Alan Doe’s address, who started attending in 2012, would be: doeja12@students.crown.edu.

Telephone/Fax Numbers

Fax machine (located at the Reception Desk): 952-446-4149
Telephone number: 952-446-4100

Written Correspondence

Crown College
8700 College View Drive
St. Bonifacius, MN  55375
Student Name
8700 College View Drive
Campus Box ___
St. Bonifacius, MN 55375