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School of Arts & Sciences 2014-2015 Catalog 
School of Arts & Sciences 2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Major (B.A.)

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This program is designed to provide a strong foundation in applied music skills and musicological knowledge for students who wish to teach privately, perform, or to advance to graduate studies in careers such as conducting, music therapy, music pedagogy, or music ministry.

Program Requirements

I. Christian Studies - 30 Credits

II. General Education - 39 Credits

III. Music Major - 42 Credits

IV. Minor

Students must choose a music concentration or add a major or minor from another department.

At least 30% of this degree, or a minimum of 38 credits, must be at the upper (300-400) level. If you choose to take lower-level Christian Studies core classes (CHM 201 or CHM 210), then you must take enough upper-level classes in your minor or concentration to meet this requirement.

Total - 127 Credits

1 Select humanities electives from COM, ENG, ESL, FAR, HIS, HUM, LAN, MUS, PHI, or PRC.

2 Select social science electives from ANT, CSJ, ECO, ESL, GEO, HIS, POL, PSY, or SOC.

3 Click here  for a list of Global Awareness courses.

4 Music majors must complete a Music Hour credit for every semester enrolled in the Music Department at Crown College. Students must complete MUS 490 Senior Music Hour during their final semester.

5 Students are required to enroll in private lessons on their major instrument each semester until their recital requirements are fulfilled for a minimum of 8 semesters.

6 Piano Lab: Students must take Piano Lab their first year and then private instruction for 1 or 0 credits until the piano proficiency level for their program has been met. Entering students who have a proficiency that surpasses Piano Lab may choose to test out of the class and move directly to private instruction. Students who test out of Piano Lab may need an extra music elective credit to reach the minimum of 125 credits for graduation.

7 Fine arts courses include music, art, drama, and dance. COM 328  and COM 446  also qualify as fine arts electives. (Only three credits of music organizations and/or lessons can be counted toward humanities/fine arts requirements.)

Participation in a major ensemble (as approved by the Music Department) relating to their major instrument is required for 8 semesters.

*Some courses from the Christian Studies Core and Major Core can be used to fulfill requirements in the General Education Core. By doing that the number of electives needed would increase so that the minimum of 125 credits is reached.

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