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School of Arts & Sciences 2014-2015 Catalog 
School of Arts & Sciences 2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administration and Faculty


Cabinet Officers

D. Joel Wiggins, Ph.D, President
Paul J. Blezien, Ed.D., Vice President of Student Development, Interim Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing Services
Fawn E. McCracken, Ed.D., Dean of the School of Online Studies and Graduate School
Scott H. Moats, Ph.D., Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs
Susan R. Wilson, B.S., C.P.A., Vice President of Finance and Operations

Administrative Offices

Office of the President

D. Joel Wiggins, Ph.D., President
Shirley M. Granlund, B.A., Executive Assistant to the President

Academic Affairs Administration

Scott H. Moats, Ph.D., Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs
Josh R. Dunwoody, M.A., Director of Athletics
Cheryl A. Fisk, M.A., ABD., Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs/College Registrar
Dennis E. Ingolfsland, D.Phil., Director of Library/Media Services
Kimberely A. LaQuay, M.A., Associate Registrar
Fawn E. McCracken, Ed.D., Dean of the School of Online Studies and Graduate School
Thomas B. McCracken, Ed.S., Director of the Learning Lab
Teresa G. Newby, M.S.N., Director of Nursing
Patricia J. Pitts, M.A., Director of Academic Programs

Student Development Administration

Paul J. Blezien, Ed.D., Vice President of Student Development
Ezra L. Johnson, M.Ed., Dean of Students
Bill R. Kuhn, Ph.D., Campus Chaplain/Director of Christian Service
Darren L. Noble, M.A., Director of Career Services

External Relations Administration

Julie M. Johnson, M.A., Director of Alumni Relations

Enrollment Services Administration

Paul J. Blezien, Ed.D., Interim Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing Services
Korey A. Compaan, B.A., Dean School of Arts and Sciences Enrollment
Shannon M. Schaaf, B.A., Director of Financial Aid

Finance/Operations Administration

Susan R. Wilson, B.S., C.P.A., Vice President of Finance and Operations
Amy L. Luesse, M.A., SPHR, Director of Human Resources
Ronald L. Straka, B.A., Controller
Gary A. Thompson, Senior Accountant

Department Chairs

Dean M. Erickson, Ph.D., Biblical, Theological and Ministry Studies
Dawn D. Locklear, Ph.D., Mathematics and Science
Scott H. Moats, Ph.D. and Patricia J. Pitts, M.A., Teacher Education
Teresa Newby, M.S.N., Nursing
David W. Donelson, Ed.D., Music
Jay F. Steele, Ph.D., Business and Sport Management
James Zapf, Ph.D., Humanities and Social Science


John R. Auer, Assistant Professor of Sports Management. Head Football Coach. B.A., M.S., St. Cloud State University. 2001–

Thor K. Benson, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education. B.S., Wheaton College; M.Ed., Bethel University; Ph.D., University of Minnesota. 2007–

Don D.  Bouchard, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education. B.S., Eastern Montana College; M.S.Ed., Montana State University-Billings; Doctoral studies, University of Minnesota. 2004–

Kevin T. Boozikee, Assistant Professor of English, B.S., Concordia University; M.S., Purdue University.  2014–

Walter J. Brath, Assistant Professor of Worship Arts. B.A., University of Cincinnati; M.A. Studies, Liberty University. 2013–

Kenneth C. Castor, Assistant Professor of Youth Ministry. B.A., Taylor University; M.Div., Regent College; D. Min, ACTS/Trinity Western University. 2010–

David W. Donelson, Chair, Music Department; Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities. B.A., Bethel University; M.A., Bethel Theological Seminary; Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University. 1990-2008, 2013–

Dean M. Erickson, Chair, Biblical, Theological and Ministry Studies; Professor of Bible and Theology. B.A., St. Paul Bible College; M.Div., Denver Seminary; Ph.D., Luther Seminary. 1999–

Michial D. Farmer, Assistant Professor of English. B.A., Toccoa Falls College; M.A. University of Nebraska; Ph.D., University of Georgia. 2011–

Johnny L. Grainger, Associate Professor of Communication. B.A., M.A., Pensacola Christian College; Ph.D. candidate, ABD, Trinity Theological Seminary. 2007–

Karen S. Gustafson, Assistant Professor of Psychology. B.A., University of Wisconsin- Whitewater; M.A., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Ph.D., Universidad de Palermo. 2007–

Donald G. Hardy, Professor of Biology. B.S., Sioux Falls College; M.A., University of South Dakota; Ph.D., University of Minnesota. 1977–

Andrew J. Harris, Assistant Professor of Communication. B.A., Pensacola Christian College; M.S., Pensacola Christian College, Ph.D., Regent University. 2012–

Melessa R. Henderson, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice. B.A., University of Minnesota; J.D., William Mitchell College of Law. 2013–

Dennis E. Ingolfsland, Director of Library/Media Services, Professor. B.A., Calvary Bible College, M.A.L.S., University of Missouri; M.A., Fuller Theological Seminary; D.Phil, Oxford Graduate School, TN. 2001–

L. Arnold Hustad, Professor of Theology and Philosophy. B.A., St. Paul Bible College; M.Div., Th.M., Bethel Theological Seminary; Ph.D., New York University. 1975–

Stephen W. Jones, Assistant Professor of International Studies. B.A., B.S., Grace University;  M.A., University of the Pacific. 2013–

Victoria K. Kyarsgaard, Associate Professor of Nursing. B.S.N., M.S.N., University of Minnesota; D.N.P., St. Catherine’s University. 2005–

Dawn D. Locklear, Chair, Mathematics and Science; Professor of Mathematics. B.A., St. Olaf College; M.S., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Ph.D, Walden University. 2007–

Tom McCracken, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education; Director of the Learning Lab. B.A., Pennsylvania State University; M.ED., Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 2010–

Timothy J. Morrison, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education. B.S., University of Minnesota; M.E.C.I., Lesley College. 2012–

Glenn E. Myers, Professor of Church History and Theological Studies. B.S., Carnegie-Mellon University; M.Div., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; Ph.D. Boston University. 1998–

Darcy A. Nelson, Assistant Professor of Nursing. A.A., Rochester Community College; LPN, Ridgewater College; A.S. Excelsior College; MSN Walden University; Doctoral studies, Capella University. 2011-

Teresa G. Newby, Chair, Nursing; Assistant Professor of Nursing. B.S.N., University of Minnesota; M.S.N., University of Phoenix. 2007–

Gary C. Newton, Professor of Discipleship Ministry. B.A., Houghton College; M.A., Ph.D., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. 2009–

James B. Nichols, Associate Professor of Business. B.S. Iowa State University; MBA University of Dallas; DBA, Anderson University. 2011–

Philip B. Petersen, Professor of Pastoral Leadership. B.A., Taylor University; M.Div., D.Min., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Doctoral candidate, Wayne State University. 1991–

Eugene F. Rivard, Professor of Music. B.S., St. Cloud State University; M.M., Northwestern University; D.M.A., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 2004–

Lynne M. Shenk, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. B.S., Wheaton College; M.L.S., University of Maryland; Doctoral studies, University of Minnesota. 2009–

Jay F. Steele, Chair, Business and Sport Managment Department; Professor of Business. B.S., M.B.A., Baldwin-Wallace College; M.Div., Ashland Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Minnesota. 1986–

Nickolaus W. Swedlund, Assistant Professor of Communication. Communication Arts. B.A., Biola University; M.F.A., The American Film Institute Conservatory. 2012–

Aeisha D. S. Thomas, Associate Professor of Biology. A.B., A.M., Ph.D, Harvard University. 2009–

James L. Zapf, Chair, Humanities and Social Science Department; Assistant Professor of Psychology; Director of Counseling Center. B.S., Grace College; M.A., Grace Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Walden University. 2008–

Faculty Emeriti

William B. Bedford, Professor of History and Political Science. B.A. Bob Jones University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia. 1976-2014.

Lucille M. Brown, Associate Professor of Music. B.S., University of Nebraska Teacher’s College; M.M., University of Nebraska; graduate studies, MacPhail School of Music, Hamline University, and University of Minnesota. 1946–1953; 1957–1975.

Daniel L. Carlson, Professor of Teacher Education. B.S., University of Minnesota; M.A., Eastern Michigan University; graduate studies, University of Washington and University of Minnesota; Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University. 1981-2008.

W. Vernon Caston, Professor of Bible and Theology. B.S., Nyack Missionary College; M.A., Wheaton College Graduate School; Ph.D., New York University. 1988-2007.

George G. Gianoulis, Professor of Greek and New Testament. A.A., University of Minnesota; B.A., St. Paul Bible College; MDiv., Bethel Theological Seminary; S.T.M., Ph.D., Lutheran School of Theology. 1975-2014.

Ronald L. Griffiths, Associate Professor of Christian Education/Youth, B.S., Nyack Missionary College; M.R.E., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Doctoral studies, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. 1976-2009.

C. Claudine Hindmand, Dean of Women; Dean of Students; Assistant Professor of Teacher Education. B.A., Nebraska Wesleyan University; M.R.E., Asbury Theological Seminary. 1965–1986

Stanley R. Larson, Associate Professor of English. B.A., Trinity College; M.A., Northern Michigan University; graduate studies, University of Minnesota; doctoral candidate, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 1967–1973; 1978–2000.

Wilbert H. Ratledge, Professor of Humanities. B.A., Tennessee Temple College; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary; M.A., Ph.D., North Texas State University. 1992–2012

Joseph M. Tewinkel, Professor of History and Bible. B.A., Whitworth College; Th.B., St. Paul Bible Institute; B.D., Bethel Theological Seminary; Th.M., Luther Theological Seminary; graduate studies, University of Minnesota; D.D., Crown College. 1955–1996.

Marilyn J. Weldin, Director of Extension and Cooperative Program Development; Professor of Education. Diploma, St. Paul Bible Institute; B.R.E., St. Paul Bible College; B.S., M.S., University of Nebraska-Omaha; Special Education Certificate, University of Nebraska- Lincoln; Ed.D., University of Kansas. 1962–1999.

Adjunct Faculty

Thomas I. Berscheid, Humanities. B.S., Northwestern College; M.A., Adler Graduate School of Minnesota. 2012–

Benjamin P. Bouissieres, Music. B.S., North Central University. 2012–

Shana M. Brath, Music.  B.A. University of Cincinnati. 2013–

Katherine R. Cash, Humanities. B.A., Trinity University. 2007–

Paul S. Dreblow, Bible and Theology. B.S., Wheaton College, MDIV Bethel Seminary; D.R.S. Trinity Theological Seminary. 2013–

Daniel D. Ehresmann, Mathematics and Science. B.A., Augsburg College; Ph.D., North Dakota State University. 2006–

Victoria R. Farmer, Humanities. B.A., University of Georgia; M.A., University of Georgia; Ph.D. Candidate, ABD, Florida State University. 2012–

Laena M. Farniok, Nursing. B.S.N., St. Catherine University. 2012–

Nickolas A. Fox. B.A. Evangel University; MDiv, Bethel Seminary. 2013–

Christy M. Garlets, Nursing. A.A.S., Butler County Community College; B.S., Regis University; M.S.N., Regis University. 2012–

Deana A. Gaudreau, Nursing. A.S., Ridgewater College; B.S.N., Minnesota State University Moorhead. 2011–

Ann E. Gustafson, Mathematics and Science. B.S.N., University of Iowa. 2014–

Rachel S. Harris, Communication Arts. B.S., Pensacola Christian College; M.A., Pensacola Christian College. 2012–

Cheryl A. Hathaway, Music. B.S., St. Cloud State University. 2008–

Allan D. Hawkins, Music. B.A., Gustavus Adolphus College; M.S. University of Illinois. 2005–

Kay L. Hawkins, Music, NCTM. B.A., Gustavus Adolphus College. 2008–

Lindsey E. Herbert, Teacher Education. B.S., Minnesota State University Moorhead; M.A., St. Catherine University. 2011–

Donna M. Hryniewicki, Music. B.B.A., St. Norbert College; M.M., University of Minnesota; D.M.A., University of Minnesota. 2011–

James M. Hunter, Humanities. B.S., Pillsbury College; M.A., Crown College; Ph.D., University of Minnesota. 2008–

Dennis E. Ingolfsland, Biblical and Theological Studies. B.A., Calvary College; M.A., University of Missouri-Columbia; M.A., Fuller Theological Seminary; D. Phil., Oxford Graduate School. 2001–

Sarah E. Johnson, Teacher Education. B.A.; University of Wisconsin.  2013–

Curtis J. Kettler, B.A. Crown College; M.A.; M.M., University of Cambridge. 2010–

Jolene Konkel, Communication Arts. B.S. North Central University; B.F.A., University of Minnesota; M.F.A., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 2009–

Bruce D. Konold, Biblical and Theological Studies. B.A., Moody Bible Institute; M.A., Bethel Theological Seminary. 2007–

Lisa M. Korthals, Biblical and Theological Studies and Humanities. B.S., Wayne State College; M.A.T.S., Bethel University. 2008–

Lacey M. Kruse, Music. B.M.E., B.A., South Dakota State University-Brookings; M.M., Northern Arizona University. 2012–

Wilson R. Kuhn, Christian Ministry. B.A., Crown College; M.A., Indiana Wesleyan University. D.Ed., Saint Mary’s University. 2004–

Dale L. Lemke, Humanities. B.A., Grace University; M.Div., NYACK Alliance Theological Seminary; M.A., University of Massachusetts Boston. 2012–

C. Patrick Mealey, Humanities. B.A., North Central University; M.A., Norwich University. 2011–

T. Harry Millen, Communication Arts. B.S., Indiana Wesleyan University; M.F.A., in progress, Academy of Art University, San Francisco.  2006-

Ginny L. Olson. Christian Ministry. B.A. Bethel College; M.A. Wheaton Graduate School. 2014–

Patricia J. Pitts. Teacher Education. B.S., University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; M.A., Crown College. 2007–

Richard J. Probert, Music. B.A., Liberty University; M.A., University of Iowa. 2001–

Timothy J. Prusha, Communication Arts. B.A., Cedarville University; M.B.A., University of St. Thomas. 2012–

Jeremy J. Sather, Teacher Education. B.A., Bethel University; M.S., Southwest Minnesota State University. 2011–

Garett K. Smith, Humanities. B.A., University of St. Thomas; M.A. University of Minnesota. 2013–

Teresa L. Smith, Nursing. B.S., Charter Oak State College; M.S.N., Liberty University. 2013–

Jonathan M. Ten Brink, Music. B.A., Calvin College and Theological Seminary; M.M., Bowling Green State University; D.M.A., University of Minnesota. 2011–

Jennifer P. Thomas, Music. Studies, Oberlin Conservatory of Music and North Texas State University. 2003–

Thuy-Thunh Tran, Teacher Education. B.S. University of Minnesota; M.A. University of St. Thomas. 2013–

Jeffrey D. Warren, Music. B.A., Trinity International University; M.M., Roosevelt University. 2009–

Benjamin E. Waurms, Business and Sport Management, B.S., Crown College, M.B.A. University of St. Thomas. 2006–

Bret A. Wightman, Humanities. B.A. University of Pennsylvania; M.A. Oxford University; M.A. Temple University; Ph.D. LeHigh University. 2013–

Kathryn S. Wilson, Mathematics and Science. B.S., University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; Ph.D., Wright State University. 2007–

Justin Winzenburg, Biblical and Theological Studies. B.A., Crown College; M.A. Bethel University. 2007–

Jennifer Leigh Wohlgemuth, Music. B.A., Crown College; M.A., University of St. Thomas. 2009–

Mark Yannie, Music. B.M. University of Akron; M.M., University of Akron; M.L.I.S., University of South Florida-Tampa. 2009–

De Zhang, Humanities. B.A. Xiangtan University; M.A. Iowa State University; PhD. Iowa State University. 2013–

Visiting Faculty

Tim and Penny Iverson, International Workers in Residence; Appointed annually by the national office of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in consultation with Crown College.