Apr 19, 2018  
School of Online Studies & Graduate School 2013-2014 
School of Online Studies & Graduate School 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General/Liberal Studies (B.S.)

Transfer students are welcome to apply their existing credits, regardless of academic discipline, toward a degree plan that works for them. Juniors and seniors wishing to change their major without starting over can complete their studies at Crown. Freshman unsure about an area of concentration can explore multiple disciplines, graduating with broad academic experience in the liberal arts.

Required Courses for the General / Liberal Studies Major

General Education Requirements - 77 Credits

I. General Education Requirements - 31 Credits

II. General Electives - 46 Credits

Major Requirements - 48 Credits

II. General / Liberal Studies Core - 33 Credits

Total Credits for Bachelor's Degree - 125 Credits