Jun 22, 2018  
School of Online Studies & Graduate School 2013-2014 
School of Online Studies & Graduate School 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administration and Faculty

Cabinet Officers

D. JOEL WIGGINS, PH.D., President

PAUL J. BLEZIEN, ED.D., Vice President of Student Development

JAMES M. HUNTER, PH.D., Vice President of External Relations

FAWN E. MCCRACKEN, ED.D., Dean of the School of Online Studies and Graduate School

SCOTT H. MOATS, PH.D., Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs

MICHAEL I. PRICE, M.B.A., Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing Services

SUSAN R. WILSON, B.S., CPA, Vice President of Finance and Operations

Office of the President

D. JOEL WIGGINS, PH.D., President

SHIRLEY M. GRANLUND, B.A., Executive Assistant to the President

Academic Affairs Administration

SCOTT H. MOATS, PH.D., Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs

JOSHUA R. DUNWOODY, M.A., Director of Athletics

CHERYL A. FISK, M.A., Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs/College Registrar

DENNIS E. INGOLFSLAND, D.PHIL., Director of Library/Media Services

KIMBERELY A. LAQUAY, M.A., Associate Registrar

FAWN E. MCCRACKEN, ED.D., Dean of the School of Online Studies and Graduate School

THOMAS B. MCCRACKEN, EDS., Director of the Learning Lab

TERESA G. NEWBY, M.S.N., Director of Nursing

PATRICA J. PITTS, M.A., Director of Academic Programs

External Relations Administration

JAMES M. HUNTER, PH.D., Vice President of External Relations

MICHAEL T. EIDEM, M.B.A., Senior Director of External Relations

JULIEM. JOHNSON, M.A., Director of Alumni Relations

BRIAN M. WRIGHT, B.S., Senior Director of PR and College Relations

Enrollment and Marketing Services Administration

MICHAEL I. PRICE, M.B.A., Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing Services

BRET M. HYDER, M.A., Director of Enrollment, School of Arts and Sciences

TIMOTHY J. PRUSHA, B.A., Director of Marketing

SHANNON M. SCHAAF, B.A., Director of Financial Aid

Finance and Operations Administration

SUSAN R. WILSON, B.S., CPA, Vice President of Finance and Operations

JEFF A. AUNE, B.A., Senior Director of Information Technology

AMY L. LUESSE, M.A., SPHR, Director of Human Resources

RONALD L. STRAKA, B.A., Controller

GARY A. THOMPSON, Senior Accountant

School of Online Studies & Graduate School Personnel

COLETTE W. ALMARS, B.S., Registration Specialist

EMILY N. CANO, M.A., Director of Academic Support and Program Implementation

NATE R. ERICKSON, M.A., Senior Academic Advisor & Retention Specialist

ROBERT E. FREEBOROUGH, PH.D., Business Program Chair

JOY A. HARDY, B.S., Online Program Manager

MAGDALENE M. UNGER HESS, M.B.A, Director of Enrollment, School of Online Studies & Graduate School

JEFF S. JOHNSON, Recruitment Manager

TAMERA F. KEMPEL, Recruitment Manager

KEVIN R. KLINGBIEL, B.S., Communications Manager

DALE L. LEMKE, M.DIV., Christian Ministry Program Chair

DARIN M. MATHER, PH.D., Social Science Program Chair

FAWN E. MCCRACKEN, ED.D., Dean of Crown Graduate School and Online Programs

RENEE A. ST. AUBIN, Online Program Manager

TIANHONG SHI, M.S., Senior Instructional Designer

KATHY M. SUTHERLAND, B.S., Academic Advisor

KRYSTAL R. WIERSMA, M.A., Academic Advisor

ROB A. WILKENING, M.B.A, Recruitment Manager



ANDERSON, LAURA. AA--Central Lakes College; BS--Crown College; MA--Liberty University.

BAKER, SHELLY. BS--Colorado Technical University, Sioux Falls; MSM: Colorado Technical University – Colorado Springs; PhD--North Central University.

BEACH, ROSS. BS, MA, PhD-Michigan State University.

BENSON, THOR. BS--Wheaton College; MEd--Bethel University; PhD--University of MN.

BERSCHEID, TOM.  BS--Northwestern College; MA--Adler Graduate School.

BETHKE-KALIHER, MICHELLE. BS--University of Wisconsin, Stout; MA--University of California, Riverside; Sixth-Year Program in Educational Administration/Leadership--St. Cloud State University; PhD--Capella University.

BOURNE, AMY.  BBA, MS--Texas Technical University; DBA--Anderson University.

BOWMAN, PAUL.  BA--Lee University; MA--University of Memphis.

BRANNON, BOB.  BA--St. Paul Bible College; MA--Columbia Graduate School of Bible and Missions; doctoral studies--Oxford Graduate School.

BUCKHEIT, TIM. BA--Washington College; MDiv-Columbia International University; doctoral studies- Biola University (Talbot School of Theology).

BURAU, GRETCHEN. BS--Bradley University; MFA--Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

CALLAWAY, TINA.  BS--University of Phoenix; MS--The University Alabama; MBA--Liberty University.

CANO, EMILY. BS, MA--Crown College.

CASAS, DAWN. BA, MEd--Roberts Wesleyan College; PhD--Regent University..

CASTON, VERNON. BS--Nyack Missionary College; MA--Wheaton College; PhD--New York University.

CASTOR, KEN.  BA--Taylor University; MDiv--Regent College; DMin--ACTS/Trinity Western University.

CHANEY, WILLIAM.  BS--Philadelphia College of Bible; MDiv--Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; MA, EdD--Memphis State University.

CHAVEZ, ELIZABETH.  BA--Asbury College; MA--Azusa Pacific University; PhD--Regent University.

CLEM, JOE.  BA--Bethel University; JD--Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

COOK, CRAIG. BA--Biola College; MDiv--Talbot Theological Seminary; PhD--Ateneo de Manila University.

COOK, JENNIFER. BA, MA, PhD--Washington State University.

COURTS, BARI. BA--Kenyon College; MBA-University of Cincinnati; PhD-Capella University.

COWMAN, JAMES. BS-Nyack College; MDiv--Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; DMin--Trinity International University.

CREECH, MARK. BS--University of Central Florida; MDiv; Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; DMin--New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

CUNNINGHAM, CHARLES. BA--University of Nebraska; JD--Creighton University.

DIBERT, KEVIN. BS--Liberty University; MS--Nova Southeastern University.

DIRKS, RANDY. BTH--Canadian Bible College; MDiv--Bethel Seminary; PhD--Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

DYKSTRA, AMY. BA--University of Colorado; BS, MS--University of Wyoming; PhD--University of MN.

EDGAR, SCOTT. BS--Calvary Bible College; MDiv--Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; PhD-- University of Wales; DMinEd--Fuller Theological Seminary.

ENGLISH, WILLIAM. BS, MA--Slippery Rock University of PA; PhD--The Pennsylvania State University.

EPLEY, SONDRA. BA--Western Kentucky University; MA--Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; MEd, PhD--Virginia Commonwealth University.

ERICKSON, DEAN. BA--Crown College; MDiv--Denver Seminary; PhD–Luther Seminary.

ERICKSON, NATE. BA, MA-Crown College.

FAST, CAROL. AA--Pensacola Jr. College; BA, MS--Florida State University.

FERGUSON, JAMES. BA--Northwestern College; MA--Bethel University.

FERGUSON, MELISSA. BS-- Northwestern College; MA--University of St. Thomas.

FISHER JR, LAMBERS. BA--University of Minnesota; MS & MDiv--Fuller Theological Seminary.

FISK, CHERYL. BS, MA--Crown College; Doctoral Studies--Saint Mary's University.

FREEBOROUGH, ROB.  BS--Virginia Technical University; MDiv--Regent University; PhD--Capella University.

FREY, DOUG. BA--St. Paul Bible College; BA--University of Minnesota; MA--Biola College; PhD--Alliant International University.

FUHR, RICHARD (ALAN). BA--Appalachian Bible College; MA, MDiv--Liberty University; MA-- Multnomah University; PhD--Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

GARSKI, SARA. BS--University of Wisconsin-Madison; MBA-Upper Iowa University; PhDCapella Unversity.

GEURTS, KIM. BS-Crown College; MS-Liberty University; doctoral studies-Northcentral University.

GOODIER, RACHEL. BS, MA--Liberty University.

GRAHAM, STEVE (HAROLD STEPHEN). BS--University of Phoenix; MBA--LeTourneau University; MEd--Dallas Baptist University.

GUIBAULT, MELODI. BS--University of North Carolina; MBA-Queens College; DBA--Anderson University.

HAIMES, SARA. AS, BA-Crown College; MA, PhD–Biola University (Rosemead School of Psychology).

HAMER, JO-AN. BA--Northwestern College; MA--University of Akron.

HARDY, DON. BS--Sioux Falls College; MA--University of South Dakota; PhD--University of Minnesota.

HARRELL, RICK. BA--Coker College; MA--National University; MDiv--Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

HASNER, DIANE H. AA--College of San Mateo; BA--San Jose State University; MA--Oral Roberts University; Life Teaching Credential--Notre Dame de Namur University.

HEFNER, JON. BA--Crown College; MA--Wheaton College.

HENDERSON, MELESSA. BA--University of Minnesota, Morris; Juris Doctor--William Mitchell College of Law.

HILL, ABBY. BS--Saint Joseph's College; MA--Liberty University; EdD--Argosy University.

HUNSKOR, SHAWN. BRE--Prairie Bible Institute; BS-- Minot State University; MS--Winona State University.

HUNTER, JIM. BS--Pillsbury Baptist Bible College; MA--Crown College; PhD--University of MN.

INGOLFSLAND, DENNIS. BA--Calvary Bible College; MA--University of Missouri, Columbia; MA-- Fuller Theological Seminary; D.PHIL--Oxford Graduate School.

JOHNSON, JOHN S. BTH--Bible Missionary Institute; MA--Azusa Pacific University; PhD--Biola University.

JONES, KEN. AA-University of Arkansas; BS--John Brown University; MBA--Webster University; DBA--Anderson University.

KEISLING, GARY. BA--Nyack College; MDiv--Asbury Theological Seminary; DMin--Fuller Theological Seminary.

KING, PAUL. BA, MA, DMin--Oral Roberts University; DTh--University of South Africa.

KNISELY, ANDREW. BA--Houghton College; MDiv--Nyack University; MA--Shippensburg University; EdD--The Pennsylvania State University.

KORTHALS, LISA. BS--Wayne State College; MATS--Bethel Theological Seminary.

KUHN, BILL. BA--Crown College; MA--Indiana Wesleyan University; EdD--St. Mary's University.

LAMBERTSON, MARK. BS--Nyack College; MA--Regent University.

LAWSON, JEFF. BS--Taylor University; MA--Crown College.

LEMKE, DALE. BA--Grace University; MDiv--Alliance Theological Seminary; MA--University of Massachusetts; Doctoral Studies--Talbot School of Theology.

LEMKE, HEIDI. BS--Northwestern College; MA--Alliance Theological Seminary.

LOCKLEAR, DAWN. BA--St. Olaf College; MS--University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Ph.D-- Walden University.

LOOMIS, GREG. BS--Clarion State College; MDiv, DMin--Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

MACDONALD, MELISSA. BS--Crown College; MA--Simpson University (AW Tozer Seminary).

MALLIN, BARRI. BA--Stephens College; MBA--Amberton University; PhD--Trinity Theological Seminary.

MATHER, DARIN. BLS-University of South Dakota; MDiv--Bethel University; PhD--University of Minnesota.

MCCRACKEN, FAWN. BA--Nyack College; MS--Palm Beach Atlantic; EdD--Regent University.

MCCRACKEN, TOM. BS--Penn State University; MSEd--Indiana University of PA; EdD-- Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

MCROBERTS, KERRY. AS, BS--College of Great Falls; MA--Simon Greenleaf School of Law; Master of Christian Studies--Regent College; DMin--George Fox University.

MEALEY, PATRICK. BA--North Central University; MA--Norwich University.

MILLS, MELISSA ANNE. BA--University of Wisconsin-River Falls; MA--University of St. Mary's; Special Education Licensure-University of St. Thomas.

MITCHELL, MIKE. BA--University of West Florida; MA--Asbury Theological Seminary; Doctoral Studies--Liverpool Hope University.

MOATS, SCOTT. BA--Kearney State College; MDIV--Alliance Theological Seminary; MA, MEd, PhD--University of Minnesota.

MOEN, APRIL. BA--Mount Marty College; MA--The College of Saint Scholastica; PhD--Capella University.

MONSETH, NATHAN. BS--Northwestern College; MEd--Bethel College.

MORRISON, TIM. BS--University of MN; MEd--Lesley University; Doctoral Studies--Bethel University.

MORROW, DENNY. BA--University of Minnesota; MA--University of St. Thomas; PhD--University of Minnesota.

MUNCH, HOLLY. BS--University of Wisconsin, River Falls; MS--Washington State University.

NEHRING, DAVID. BA--Anderson College; MA, MA, PhD--Fuller Theological Seminary.

NICHOLS, JAMES. BS--Iowa State University; MBA--University of Dallas (Braniff Graduate School); DBA-Anderson University.

OLSON, JOANN. BS--Michigan State University; MA--Wheaton College; PhD--Penn State University.

PARKINSON, CHERI. BA, MA--Crown College.

PARKINSON, DOUG. BS, MA--Crown College.

PERRY, TONY. AS--Penn Foster College; BS--Bluefield College; MBA--American Intercontinental University; PhD--Walden University.

PETERSEN, PHIL. BA--Taylor University; MDiv, DMin--Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

PETERSON, BETHANY. BA--University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; MA-Wheaton College; MFAUniversity of Wyoming; doctoral studies-University of Missouri.

PIXLER, JONATHAN. BA--University of Minnesota; MA--Moody Bible Institute; MDiv--Bethel University.

RUPP, TIM. AAS--San Antonio College; BSOE--Wyland Baptist University; MSCJ--Texas State University; MA, MDiv--Southwestern Baptist Theological University; DMin--Western Seminary.

SANKO, HANNA. Bachelor of Economics--National University of Kyiv-Moyla Academy (Ukraine); Master of Accounting & Audit-Kyiv Economic University (Ukraine).

SHELDON, JAMIE. BA--Gustavus Adolphus College; MA--St. Mary's University.

SHORT, SHARON. BA--Tabor College; MA--Oakland University; MDiv--Trinity Evangelical School; PhD--Talbot School of Theology.

SMITH, DAVID. AA--Los Angeles Valley College; BRE--Canadian Bible College; MTh--Regis College; MDiv--Alliance Theological Seminary.

SMITH, FRED. BS--Toccoa Falls Bible College; MA, PhD--Fuller Theological Seminary.

SMITH, MENDY. BA--Eastern Nazarene College.

STEPANIAK, MARK. BS--University of Wisconsin; MBA--University of St. Thomas.

STINE, MICHAEL. BA--Ohio State University; MDiv, DMin--Ashland Theological Seminary.

SUTTON, JON.  BS--Crown College; MDiv--Liberty University.

SWEENEY, RYAN. BS--University of Wisconsin, Stout; MBA--Regis University.

THORNBURG, BETH. BS--University of Mary Hardin, Baylor; MA--Crown College.

TIMMONS, BOB. BS--Pittsburg State University; MBA--John Brown University; DBA--Anderson University.

TINDALL, LARRY. BS--Pillsbury Baptist Bible College; MDiv--Calvary Baptist Seminary.

TRUJILLO, MARC. AS--College of Eastern Utah; BA--Simpson College; MDiv--Alliance Theological Seminary; PhD-Luther Seminary.

VAN DIXHORN, BRENDA. BA--Crown College; MA--California State University, Domiguez Hills; Certificate--California State University, Long Beach.

VANN, CATHY. BS--Shorter College; MS--School of Professional Studies; EdD, EdS--Nova Southeastern University.

WAGENER, CASSANDRA. BS--Concordia's Teacher College; MA--St. Mary's University.

WANYONYI, SAMUEL. BA--Bethany College of Missions; MDiv, doctoral studies--Bethel University.

WARNER, SHAWNA. BA, MA--Bethel University.

WAURMS, BEN. BS--Crown College; MBA--University of St. Thomas.

WEAVER, ADELAIDE. BA, Addiction Studies PBACC Certificate--University of Minnesota; MA--Bethel University.

WICKS, DOUG. AB--Gordon College; MA--Wheaton College.

WIERSMA, KRYSTAL. BS, MS-William Woods University; MA-University of St. Thomas.

WILSON, SCOTT. BS, MA--West Virginia University; Doctoral Studies--Louisiana State University.

WOOD, ANDY. BA--University of Mobile; MDiv-Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; PhDRegent University.