Apr 21, 2018  
School of Online Studies & Graduate School 2013-2014 
School of Online Studies & Graduate School 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Christian Studies (M.A.)

The Master of Arts in Christian Studies prepares students to:

  • Examine the historical, theological and spiritual distinctives of the Christian and Missionary Alliance movement with a special emphasis on sanctification and healing
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Christian Theology through a study of scripture and church history in order to prepare for ministry
  • Investigate, analyze and demonstrate an understanding of cultural settings in a postmodern America and diverse overseas settings
  • Demonstrate knowledge of significant themes and issues presently impacting missions

Required Courses

II. Elective Track - 15 Credits

  • CST - Theology Elective 3 Credits
  • CST - Philosophy Elective 3 Credits
  • CST - Old Testament Elective 3 Credits
  • CST - New Testament Elective 3 Credits
  • General Elective 3 Credits

Total - 36 Credits

* Courses contain the consecration/ordination requirements of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Two-Year Program Plan

Block B (Spring Semester)

Block Sequence:

Students starting in the Fall: A, B, C, D
Students starting in the Spring: D, A, B, C