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School of Online Studies & Graduate School 2013-2014 
School of Online Studies & Graduate School 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Admission Criteria

The School of Online Studies and Graduate School welcomes all applicants regardless of race, color, age, handicap, and national or ethnic origin.

A candidate for the undergraduate program must be at least 18 years of age and must have a recognized accredited high school diploma or GED and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (4.0 scale) in previous college work.  A candidate for the graduate program must have a regionally accredited college degree and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 (MBA 3.0).  The Admissions Council assesses a GPA below the minimum requirement on a case by case basis.

Graduate School

Admission to a master’s degree program requires the completion of a bachelor’s degree at an accredited (regionally or ABHE) college or university with all corresponding transcripts on file with the Graduate School Office. Unaccredited degrees and students with degrees from a non-regionally accredited colleges are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Admissions Council. Applicants must also meet the prerequisites for their chosen field of study, and have a minimum GPA of 2.5 for previous post-secondary coursework (3.0 for MBA). The Admissions Council assesses a GPA below 2.5 (3.0 for MBA) on a case by case basis.


A non-degree seeking applicant must complete an application and have one official transcript mailed to the College. If the student decides to enter a degree-seeking program, s/he must re-apply for that program and meet the qualifications for that program.

Admission Procedures

  1. Complete and submit the application form.
  2. Submit a resume (details on application).
  3. Submit required transcripts:

Undergraduate Level: Applicants seeking an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or undergraduate certificate must submit an official accredited high school transcript or GED verification with specific scores. Transfer students who have earned 24 or more college level credits are not required to submit a high school transcript for admission. However, if college credits were earned as a high school student (e.g., PSEO), then a high school transcript is also required. In addition, official transcripts from each college or university previously attended must be sent directly to the School of Online Studies Enrollment Office. Check with the registrar at each institution for the appropriate transcript fee to enclose with each transcript request.

Acceptance can be granted based on unofficial college transcripts into the Associate of Arts - General Studies Concentration or the Bachelor of Science in General/ Liberal Studies. (An official high school transcript or official transcripts indicating 24 or more college level credits is still required). In order for transfer credit to be applied towards any program of study official transcripts are required.

Graduate Level: Applicants seeking a master’s degree must submit the official transcript showing a completed baccalaureate degree and official transcripts from all graduate schools attended. Applicants must also submit an official transcript from any college that shows completion of required program prerequisites. These transcripts should be sent directly from the institution to the Graduate School Enrollment Office.

  1. Applicants pursuing an M.A. in International Leadership Studies, M.A. in Christian Studies, M.A. in Ministry Leadership, B.S. in Christian Ministry, or an A.S. in Christian Ministry must provide a pastoral reference (including name and phone number), complete the spiritual life essay, and sign the College Statement of Faith.
  2. When all admission documents have been received, an acceptance decision will be made and the applicant will be notified of that decision.
  3. After all required transcripts have been received at the College and evaluated, an educational plan will be created and an advisor will be assigned to assist the student.
  4. New students must complete an orientation process online.
  5. The prerequisite requirements for the MBA program include completion of a bachelor’s degree at a regionally accredited college or university, a minimum GPA of 3.0 for the undergraduate degree, and completion of six undergraduate semester credits in Financial Accounting and Finance (Corporate)
  6. Three majors (International Leadership Studies with a Church Development concentration, Ministry Leadership, MBA) require undergrad prerequisite classes. These require a “C” or higher to fulfill the requirement.  These undergraduate prerequisite credits can be fulfilled through previous college work or Prior Learning Assessment, or MBA prerequisites can be fulfilled through the IVY Sofware.

Home-Educated Credit

An official transcript for grades 9–12 is required. The transcript must include the course name, brief description, evaluation (letter grades preferred), the signature of the primary educator, and date of high school graduation.

Student Classification

Degree Students

Students must satisfy all admission criteria and enroll in courses with the intention of completing a degree program.

Non-Degree Students

These students complete the non-degree application process and enroll without the intention of completing a degree at Crown. Students wishing only to audit courses also complete the non-degree application. Non-degree students may enroll for a maximum of nine graduate-level credits (and are not required to fulfill the program prerequisites) or an unlimited number of undergraduate credits. No financial aid is available.

Modified Status

Graduate Students: Applicants who have not yet completed all the degree prerequisites (see specific degree program listings ), but whose plan to complete the prerequisites satisfies the Admissions Council, may complete up to nine hours of graduate credit. MBA students who are accepted under the modified status are allowed to complete all coursework up to the graduate courses which require prerequisites. For example, students who have completed a portion of the prerequisites may be permitted to enroll in a graduate course while concluding the necessary foundational studies requirements for the program.

Provisional Status

Provisionally accepted students will have the details of their status clarified in writing by the Director of Enrollment. Undergraduate applicants who have not yet submitted all of the application documents may be allowed to register for six credits with the understanding that they cannot continue until the documents have been received by the Enrollment Office. Graduate level applicants who have not yet submitted all of the application documents may be allowed to register for three credits with the understanding that they cannot continue to a second class until the documents have been received by the Enrollment Office.

Students enrolled under provisional status will not be eligible to receive or use financial aid or participate in intercollegiate athletics until the outstanding admissions documents are received and the provisional status is removed.

Conditional Status

Applicants whose grade point average (GPA) prior to studying at Crown is below the stated requirement (undergraduate degrees—2.0; MA degrees—2.5; MBA–3.0) may be admitted under conditional status.

Conditional undergraduate candidates are required to submit a petition letter with the following information: Please explain any circumstances that impacted your educational attempts in the past. Please address the following points regarding your potential for success: How are circumstances different; What support system do you have in place; How much time per week do you have to devote to college; Do you foresee any potential roadblocks to your success; What tools do you plan to access. Please add any additional information.

Conditionally accepted students must complete their first 12 credits as an undergraduate student and their first 9 credits as a graduate student with improvement (at least a 2.0 for undergraduate degrees and 3.0 for graduate degrees) in order to move to standard student status and continue toward their degree. Graduate students enrolled under conditional status will not be eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics. If conditions of the acceptance are not met, students will be suspended.

International Students

The School of Online Studies and Graduate School welcomes international students who desire to further develop their leadership abilities. All students, regardless of national origin, must demonstrate English proficiency. A Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) will be required of all international applicants from countries whose national language is not English. This test must be taken in the applicant’s home country. Applicants must have a minimum score of 500 on the paper-based exam or 61 on the internet-based exam for standard acceptance into the undergraduate program; applicants with a minimum score of 450 on the paper-based exam or 46 on the internet-based exam may be provisionally accepted. Applicants must have a minimum score of 550 on the paper-based exam or 80 on the internet-based exam for standard acceptance into the graduate program.

The minimum score for a standard undergraduate acceptance is 500 for the paper-based exam, 75 for the Internet-based exam, and 176 for the computer-based exam. A conditional undergraduate acceptance may be granted for those whose scores are between 450 and 499 for the paper-based exam, 60-74 for the Internet-based exam, and 139-175 for the computer-based exam. The minimum score for a standard graduate acceptance is 550 for the paper-based exam, 80 for the Internet-based exam, and 213 for the computer-based exam.

For information on testing locations, dates, and procedures, applicants should write to the following address or visit the TOEFL website:

Test of English as a Foreign Language
CN 6155, Princeton, NJ
08541-6155, U.S.A.
Crown College code: 6639

International student applicants are expected to meet the same admission standards as other applicants. To determine equivalency of credit, a transcript evaluation service is used to evaluate foreign educational credit. International student applicants are required to submit their transcripts to the service.

Crown College cannot issue I-20 forms to online students.

Admissions Council

The Admissions Council is comprised of a Program Chair, the Director of Enrollment, and the Director of Academic Support and Program Implementation.


Students wishing to enroll in a course without credit may register to audit the course. Students auditing a course are considered participants in the class, though completion of written assignments or examinations is not required. Enrollment is restricted in some courses. A grade or credit for the course is not granted. Audited classes may be repeated for credit. Any student who has not been admitted as a degree-seeking student must apply for admission under the non-degree status in order to audit. Degree-seeking students must confer with their program advisor prior to auditing a course. Admission and registration forms are available from the Enrollment Office.


Application for re-admission is necessary after one year of inactivity. The student must submit a new application, resume, pastoral reference for ministry degree programs, and transcripts for any post-secondary coursework not already on file.