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School of Arts & Sciences Student Handbook 2014-2015 
School of Arts & Sciences Student Handbook 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life


Crown College Chapels will glorify God, advance the global mission of Christ, and promote a Kingdom lifestyle for the Crown College community. A schedule of Chapel services is published each semester through the various means of the College.

Chapel Attendance

Because we believe it is our highest calling to grow in our relationship with Christ Jesus and with the body of believers, we see Chapel attendance as the primary gathering of the College family. Attendance at Chapel services, Deeper Life daytime and evening meetings, Missions Festival daytime and evening meetings, and other special services is required of all students carrying six or more credit hours (38 chapels are required if enrolled in 12 or more credits, 28 chapels required if 9-11, 18 chapels required if 6-8). Attendance at all such meetings are required every semester a student attends Crown College.

Students should plan to appropriately check-in and attend all Chapel services. If a student is more than 5 minutes late to Chapel, the student will not be counted in attendance for that session. Students are responsible to keep track of their Chapel credits and can do so online. Each semester offers sufficient Chapel credit opportunities. A student who does not have any scheduled classes immediately before or after Chapel on days when Chapel is held and who works those days, or is a commuting student, may petition for an adjustment to the Chapel expectations through the Student Development Office within the first three weeks of the semester. If the petition is granted, credits will then be adjusted proportionally, or the student will be placed on a special program for Chapel attendance, depending on the situation.

Students who are short their chapel requirement in a semester will be notified before finals week via email and student mail. In such situations one of two actions will be taken:

  1. If a student is deficient 3-5 credits of his/her chapel requirement, the student will be notified of the make up procedure for the deficiency.
  2. If a student is deficient 6 or more credits of his/her chapel requirement, the student will not be allowed to return for the following semester. This process may be appealed.

All appeals concerning dismissals due to Chapel attendance shall be made to the Vice President of Student Development and will follow the appeal process as outlined in this handbook.

Students who compromise the integrity of the Chapel attendance procedure (e.g., checking in to Chapel and leaving at any time before the service ends, etc.) or fail to comply with certain Chapel expectations (e.g., following the Crown dress standards); a respect for God and others; etc.) will be subject to disciplinary action. The community of faculty, staff, and students share the mutual responsibility of holding one another accountable for integrity with regard to Chapel attendance and for creating a Chapel environment that honors the Lord and enhances learning and worship. The Chapel Attendance Policy is available from Student Development. It is the responsibility of the student to read and understand these policies. For further details, visit the Student Development office.

Chapel Music

Music plays a vital role in corporate worship during Crown’s Chapel services. Music teams are generally made up of students from the College. There are set teams who lead worship in Chapel and a wide variety of groups that will periodically lead worship. Most of the music is contemporary in nature, but an attempt is made to bring a variety of music styles to reflect the wide variety of people that comprise the Crown community.

Christian Service

A Christian Service credit is 28 hours of volunteer service. 

The Christian Service Program exists to provide opportunities for students to serve God and to minister to the needs of others within the C&MA, the church-at-large, and the world. It is the desire of Crown College that the Christian Service Program will help students:

  • Explore their ministry gifts
  • Prepare for a life of humble service
  • Impact the community, the church, and the world
  • Pattern their life after the example of Jesus Christ

It is the student’s individual responsibility to use their God-given talents and abilities in fulfilling this requirement.


Each student who earns a degree or certificate from Crown College must complete the Christian Service requirements to graduate. The number of Christian Service credits is based on the particular degree or certificate a student is earning:

  Degree/Certificate Required Credits
  Certificate 1
  Associate’s Degree 2
  Bachelor’s Degree 4

Transfer Students

The number of required Christian Service credits is adjusted for transfer students according to the number of transfer credits applied toward their degree or certificate. For a Bachelor’s degree:

Transfer Credits Applied Required Credits
0-23 4
24-53 3
54-89 2
90+ 1

Christian Service credit from other institutions will not transfer. Students may not earn Christian Service credit before they begin attending Crown.


Christian Service assignments are designed to improve and develop new ministry and leadership skills, utilize individual gifts, and integrate academic study with practical experience and service while meeting the needs of the community and serving others. All assignments should include direct contact with people.

  • Christian Service assignments should include a minimum of 28 hours of service over no more than two (2) consecutive semesters to receive one (1) Christian Service credit. Transportation time cannot be included in the service hours submitted for credit.
  • Christian Service assignments require pre-approval. Students must submit the Service Contract to the Director of Christian Service before volunteering begins for approval. If the Christian Service Contract is not approved the Director will notify the student within ten (10) days of submission.
  • Adequate on-site supervision will be necessary. The student and the supervisor will evaluate Christian Service assignments at the end of the 28 hour service period.
  • In order to receive credit for 28 hours of completed volunteer service, all evaluations (Self Evaluation, Supervisor Evaluation, and Time Log) must be finished and submitted to the Director of Christian Service by the 6th week of the semester following the completion of the Christian Service. Grades given are C (commendable), S (satisfactory), or U (unsatisfactory). Those students receiving a U (unsatisfactory) will not be given a Christian Service credit. These grades are recorded on a Christian Service Record. Students are welcome to review their record with the Director of Christian Service.
  • Only one (1) credit may be pursued at a time, except in the case of approved intercultural experiences, which may be earned in addition to a Christian Service Credit in progress during a semester.
  • Pre-approved intercultural experiences that include at least five (5) full days of ministry (excluding travel) or approved Mission on a Shoe String (M.O.S.S.) trips are eligible to receive one (1) Christian Service Credit. The Intercultural-Service Learning (ISL) Office will provide a list of the Crown sponsored missions. If a student goes on a mission trip with an organization outside of Crown, he/she must complete all Christian Service forms for credit.
  • Summer is considered a semester for the purpose of Christian Service.
  • Assignments with compensation, other than covering expenses such as lodging, gas, materials, etc., will not be counted for Christian Service credit.
  • Students must complete two (2) Christian Service credits to be accepted into an academic department. Acceptance into a department is a graduation requirement that occurs in the transition between the sophomore and junior year to ensure that a student on the right track to graduate.
  • PSEO students are not required, but are encouraged, to earn Christian Service credit.
  • Christian Service credits fall under five (5) categories. A student may only earn up to two (2) Christian Service credits per category, except for the Crown Community category in which students can earn only one (1) credit. Every student must complete at least one (1) church-related credit.

Christian Service Credit Categories:

  1. Church Related
    • Refers to service in a local church body. Supervision must come from a church pastor, director, or ministry leader.
  2. Community Outreach
    • Service in a non-profit org., business, camp, services for an individual, para- church, or evangelistic outreach, etc.
  3. Intercultural Experience
    • Mission trips, M.O.S.S. trips, and other intercultural experiences
  4. Crown Community
    • Serving Crown in FX, Bible Study Leader, Chapel Worship Leader, Core, etc… Must be pre-approved.
    • Bible Study Leaders must submit an Action Plan Form for the Bible Study that they will lead. This form will highlight the requirements to receive a credit for leading a Bible Study at Crown.
  5. Departmental Unit (approved Crown classes)
    • Certain classes earn Christian Service credit. These Department credits are coordinated and supervised by the Academic Department and are integrated into the curriculum as part of the course work for some majors. A student must receive at least a C- in the course to receive Christian Service credit. All Christian service forms must be completed and turned in by the student to receive a Department credit. Pastoral and Christian Ministry Internships can be counted as a church credit.

The following is a list of classes that can earn a Christian Service Credit:

  EED 451 Kindergarten Student Teaching
  EED 449/ESL 455 Elementary Education Student Teaching
  MED 450 Middle School Student Teaching
  SED 452/ESL 456 High School Student Teaching
  PED 455/456 Student Teaching - PE
  MUS 451/453 Music Student Teaching
  MUS 310 Worship Arts Internships
  ICS/INT 362 Intercultural Internships
  PST 334 Pastoral Internship
  DCS 437 Christian Ministry Internships
  NUR 346 Transcultural Nursing

A Christian Service credit is granted when all forms are completed and turned in.

  1. Service Contract (green form) -Completed by the student and given to their site supervisor for signature. The contract needs to be turned in for approval to the Director of Christian Service prior to starting any service opportunity.
  2. Action Plan (pink form) - Completed by Crown Bible Study leader for pre-approval and turned in with the Service Contract form.
  3. Supervisor Evaluation (blue form) - Given to the supervisor by the student when they have completed their assignment. The supervisor evaluates the student. The form is returned to the Christian Service department by the 6th week of the semester following the service period or Christian Service credit is not granted.
  4. Self Evaluation (yellow form) - Completed by the student once the assignment is finished. The form is returned to the Christian Service department by the 6th week of the semester following the service period or Christian Service credit is not granted.
  5. Time Log (purple form) - Students keep track of the volunteer hours on this form. This time log needs to be turned in with evaluation forms.

Hard copies of the forms are found in the Student Development office tower and outside the office of the Director of Christian Service. They are also online at, login and then go to Student Services/Christian Service/Forms.

If you have any questions the Director of Christian Service office (952-446-4165) is located near Student Development on the east wing of the second level.

Freshman Experience Team (FX) and Student Chaplains

Members of the Freshman Experience (FX) Team are upper class students who provide leadership and mentoring for new students. Living on the freshman floors, these students facilitate small groups of new students, helping them successfully adjust to the college experience.

Student Chaplains are upperclassmen who are chosen to assist the Campus Chaplain in developing programming to deepen the spiritual life of the campus.

Intercultural Experience (ICE) and MOSS

The ICE program consists of a variety of short-term ministry and service team opportunities that occur during spring and summer breaks. ICE trips are available on a credit or non-credit basis.

MOSS trips (Missions On a Shoe String) provide cross cultural opportunities through occasional weekend ministries that are in closer proximity to Crown.

Multi-Ethnic Diversity

Crown College wants to help students cultivate an appreciation for cultural differences, with a greater sensitivity to diverse ethnic and cultural groups. It is our desire to address issues of concern to Crown’s diverse student population, to seek to empower all students and to help facilitate multicultural education.

Leadership Development Opportunities

The mission of Crown College is to provide a biblically based education for Christian leadership in The Christian and Missionary Alliance, the church at large, and the world. Our goal is to equip every student to glorify God by influencing those around them toward Christ-like living.


Each year Crown students are involved in on-campus leadership opportunities, including:

  • Athletic Team Captains
  • Chapel Worship Teams
  • Community Out-Reach and Evangelism (CORE)
  • Crown College Student Senate
  • Faculty Teaching Assistants (TAs)
  • Freshmen Experience (FX) Team
  • Global Impact Team (GIT)
  • Local Church Service and Leadership
  • Resident Assistant (RA)
  • Assistant Resident Directors (ARD)
  • Short-term Mission Leaders
  • Student Activities Board (SAB)
  • Traveling Ministry Teams
  • Welcome Weekend Staff 

For more information, contact Student Development. Some leadership positions may include modest compensation.


Ideally, Christ-like leadership begins with seeking Jesus and ends with glorifying Him. True love for God and others always matures into a desire to serve and lead in the following progression:

  • Seeking (passionately pursuing an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus), which leads to …
  • Learning (striving to understand the Word and world of God in order to do the Will of God), which leads to …
  • Growing (struggling to become like Jesus in wisdom, character and favor with God and people), which leads to …
  • Loving (giving one’s life away to those around through deep, genuine relationships), which leads to …
  • Serving (meeting the needs of others with the gifts, talents, and resources God has given), which leads to …
  • Leading (seeking to influence those around me toward Christ-likeness in God’s strength), which leads to …
  • Glorifying (worshipping Christ with everything).


Crown places a strong emphasis on Leadership Development, both inside and outside the classroom, through a variety of training opportunities, including:

  • Spiritual and Leadership Development (CHM 201) class. This course examines the dynamics of personal development in students’ lives, focusing on spiritual growth, leadership formation, the concept of servant leadership, the stages of leadership development, and developing a personal plan for growth in the leading of self, family, and others. This course is required for all students, normally during their sophomore year.
  • Leadership Week. Chapel services are focused on servant leadership and are held the last week in January each year. Students are given the opportunity to apply for next year’s leadership positions during this week.
  • Leadership Retreat. This retreat is held the end of the spring semester for students selected for the following year’s servant leadership team.
  • Association of Christians in Student Development (ACSD) Regional Student Leadership Conference. This conference is held every Fall at one of the four Christian Colleges in the Twin Cities.

For more information on any of these training opportunities, contact Student Development.

Sports and Recreation

The Wild Athletic Center offers students the opportunity to enjoy a variety of competitive and non-competitive indoor athletic activities. The facility includes a gymnasium with two basketball courts, walking track, weight room, and a fitness center, which is fully equipped with cardio machines and machine weights. Individuals and groups are encouraged to take advantage of space and equipment for scheduled (Intramural) and non-scheduled (Open Gym) events. The hours of operation are posted and are to be observed. To avoid scheduling conflicts, athletic facilities - including the Gym, Weight Room, outdoor fields and trails - must be reserved through ServiceU.

The Crown Student Center offers a Coffee Shoppe, double-sided fireplace, REI-style climbing wall, a performance stage, a loft and booth-style seating.

Many students participate each year in intramural team sports. This program is open to current students, faculty and staff, and it provides an excellent way to meet friends, enjoy team activities and be physically active. Activities such as volleyball, basketball, broomball, ultimate Frisbee, disc golf and others (as interest develops) highlight the intramural year.

Student Organizations

The Student Development office has information to assist in identifying opportunities for involvement on campus in a number of clubs and organizations which are open to all students.

Crown College Student Association (CCSA)

The CCSA is comprised of all students enrolled at Crown College, both part-time and full-time. The CCSA is organized to minister to the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social needs of the student body; to encourage standards of personal excellence; and to contribute to the development of College programs as they relate to the mission and objectives of the College.

CCSA Senate

The Senate is the governing body of the CCSA, overseeing all student organizations and representing the students before the faculty and governing bodies of the College. Elections for the Senate Executive Council (Student Body President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer) and Class Representatives (one male and one female per class) are held annually. 

The Senate is involved in the development and maintenance of student organizations and special interest clubs such as the Hmong Student Fellowship, The Reel Film Club, National Society for Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), Men’s Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, MuKappa, and The Socratic Society. .