Aug 17, 2022  
Crown College 2021-2022 Catalog 
Crown College 2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Ministry Leadership (M.A.)

The Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership is designed to prepare men and women for a variety of leadership positions in local churches, para-church ministries, and non-profit organizations.  This preparation includes coursework related to key leadership competencies in the areas of spiritual formation, social and cultural analysis, theories of leadership, and the theology of work and leadership.  The degree program includes emphasis tracks in executive leadership, pastoral leadership, spiritual formation, theological studies, intercultural studies, disaster and emergency management, and research.

Christian Ministry Department Goals:

  1. To develop ministry leaders who are dependent on Christ and committed to healthy patterns in their spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational life.
  2. To prepare ministry leaders who are committed to life-long study of the Word of God and theological reflection.
  3. To prepare ministry leaders to make disciples who will make disciples.
  4. To equip ministry leaders in the practical competencies for leading ministry in a diverse and global environment.

Prerequisites: Enrollment in the Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership requires six undergraduate or graduate semester credits of biblical and theological studies. Students who do not meet this requirement may elect to enroll in the Biblical Studies Emphasis  or Christian Studies Emphasis  track in order to satisfy this requirement. In order to graduate from the degree program, students must demonstrate that they have met this prerequisite requirement. 

Required Courses for the Ministry Leadership M.A. Degree

II. Electives - 12 Credits

General electives should be selected in consultation with one’s academic advisor. General electives accepted for transfer into this degree program should normally fall within the areas of study represented by the following emphasis tracks. If an emphasis track is chosen, the student will  need to complete additional elective credits to reach the required number of credits for the degree.

Note: Students hoping to continue on to pursue the Master of Divinity (M.Div.)  degree are encouraged to pursue the Christian Studies emphasis track and consult with their advisor to choose electives which will transfer into the M.Div.

Emphasis Tracks - 9-10 Credits

Note: If required emphasis track courses have been taken as part of the degree core, an additional 3 credits of electives per course will be required in order to fulfill the emphasis requirements.

Biblical Studies Emphasis  

Christian Studies Emphasis  

Church Development Emphasis  

Community Development Emphasis  

Disaster and Emergency Management Emphasis  

Executive Leadership Emphasis  

Higher Education Emphasis  

Hmong Ministry Emphasis  

Intercultural Ministries Emphasis  

International Christian Education Emphasis  

Leadership Coaching Emphasis  

Media Ministry Emphasis  

Non-Profit Leadership Emphasis  

Pastoral Counseling Emphasis  

Pastoral Leadership Emphasis  

Social Science Research Emphasis  

Spiritual Formation Emphasis  

Urban Ministry Emphasis  

Total - 36 Credits