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Crown College 2021-2022 Catalog 
Crown College 2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Christian Studies (M.A.)

The vision of the M.A. in Christian Studies degree program is:

  • To prepare maturing, Spirit-empowered, biblically and theological informed leaders to serve Christ.
  • To provide graduate level preparation for ministry in a variety of contexts.
  • To prepare those aspiring to serve with the C&MA to meet the academic, licensing, ordination and consecration requirements established by the Christian & Missionary Alliance Board of Directors.
  • To acquaint students with the vision and heritage of A.B. Simpson and the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  

The M.A. in Christian Studies degree is designed to provide a solid foundation in biblical and theological studies with the option of pursuing an emphasis track. Another unique feature of this program is that most of the ordination and consecration reading and writing requirements for the Christian and Missionary Alliance are embedded into the program.

Required Courses for the Christian Studies M.A. Degree

II. Electives - 12 Credits

General electives should be selected in consultation with one’s academic advisor. General electives accepted for transfer into this degree program should normally fall within the areas of study represented by the following emphasis tracks. If an emphasis track is chosen, the student will  need to complete additional elective credits to reach the required number of credits for the degree.

Note: Students in the M.A. in Christian Studies are eligible to apply all of their classes to the Master of Divinity (M.Div.)  degree program and graduate with both degrees.

Emphasis Tracks - 9-10 Credits

Note: If required emphasis track courses have been taken as part of the degree core, an additional 3 credits of electives per course will be required in order to fulfill the emphasis requirements.

Biblical Studies Emphasis  

Church Development Emphasis  

Community Development Emphasis  

Disaster and Emergency Management Emphasis  

Executive Leadership Emphasis  

Higher Education Emphasis  

Hmong Ministry Emphasis  

Intercultural Ministries Emphasis  

International Christian Education Emphasis  

Leadership Coaching Emphasis  

Media Ministry Emphasis  

Non-Profit Leadership Emphasis  

Pastoral Counseling Emphasis  

Pastoral Leadership Emphasis  

Social Science Research Emphasis  

Spiritual Formation Emphasis  

Theological Studies Emphasis  

Urban Ministry Emphasis  

Total - 36 Credits

Core + General Electives (12 Credits) with option of an Emphasis


* If THE 3522 - Systematic Theology I  and THE 3524 - Systematic Theology II  have been taken at the undergraduate level, another theology course may be substituted here. For students in the BSCM/MACS (4+1) program, THE 3522 - Systematic Theology I  and THE 3524 - Systematic Theology II  will be replaced with the graduate course CST 5235 - Theology of Christ and the Church . This course will fulfill CST 5223 - Christian Theology  in the MACS.

** If HIS 3601 - History of Christianity  has been taken at the undergraduate level, another CST course may be substituted here.


Note: For C&MA Ordination purposes, students are encouraged to take INT 5510 - Contemporary Issues in Missions  as one of their electives.