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School of Online Studies & Graduate School 2014-2015 
School of Online Studies & Graduate School 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Christian Ministry (B.S.)

The BS in Christian Ministry degree features a core of biblical and theological studies to prepare students for effective Christian ministry through facilitating growth in Christ-centered character, empowered ministry, leadership excellence, and healthy living.  The program culminates in a core of fourth year classes designed to engage students in ministry and cause them to critically reflect on those experiences.  The Christian Ministry program is designed to prepare reflective ministry practitioners who have a clear vision for making disciples in their local congregations and to the ends of the earth.  
NOTE:   This program includes an accelerated track for select students who wish to complete the BS in Christian Ministry and MA in Christian Studies by adding one additional year to their course of study. BSCM 4+1 Program 

Required Courses for the Christian Ministry Major

General Education Requirements - 77 Credits

I. General Education Requirements - 31 Credits

II. General Electives - 46 Credits

Major Requirements - 48 Credits

Total Credits for Bachelor’s Degree - 125 Credits

1Click HERE  to view options for Social Science, Humanities, Global Awareness, and Fine Arts Electives.

2Counts towards 3 credits of the Social Science credits. Students who have successfully completed 60 credits with a GPA of at least a 2.0 may replace SOC 1510 with another Social Science elective. Students need a total of 6 social science credits.

Option: BSCM 4+1 Program

This program is offered to qualified students in our Bachelor of Science Christian Ministry (BSCM) program. This program will allow students to complete their undergraduate degree in four years and their Master of Arts in Christian Studies (MACS) degree in one additional year, instead of the typical two years.

Click here  for more detailed information regarding the acceptance into this program option.

Course Requirements

Students who are accepted into the BSCM 4+1 program will substitute the following MACS courses into the undergraduate degree to fulfill the BSCM requirements.


Undergraduate Course Graduate Course
THE 3524 Systematic Theology II CST 5235 Theology of Christ & the Church
CM 4586 Biblical & Historical Perspectives of Worship CST 5342 Theology & Practice of Worship
CM 4581 Ministry Managment & Administration MIN 5210 Management & Administration of Christian Ministry
CM 4584 Globalization & Ministry MIN 5218 Social & Cultural Foundations for Ministry
CM 4610 Principles of Counseling & Care Ministry MIN 5215 Pastoral Counseling
CM 3536 Theology of Evangelism and Missions CST 5234 Theology of Missions & Outreach


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